About Me

My mother passed away during my first year of motherhood and medical school after a battle with a neurodegenerative disease. Before she died, she told me to use my experiences to help others learn to appreciate and make the most of their god-given abilities and opportunities.

In order to honor her request, I have started this blog and my own business in order to share my passion for health, wellness and fitness. There is more to being fit than our physical appearances. Our mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual capacities should often be challenged in order for our fitness and health to be well-rounded and complete. Through these blog posts about my experiences in medicine, motherhood, and marriage I hope to encourage others who wear many hats to continue taking on the challenge of cultivating well-rounded fitness and wellness.

What we have to offer to this world is significant, and we should do what we can to make sure we are here and in good health to continue sharing our gifts with others.